FamilyWise Partnership

For the last 10 years, United Way and FamilyWize Community Service Partnership have collaborated to bring greater stability to communities nationwide. We know from experience that families living on the edge never struggle with just one issue; it’s the combination of several problems piling up that prevents families from finding stability and truly thriving. At United Way of Clatsop County, we partner with FamilyWize to increase the Health and Financial Stability of families in our communities. Through their prescription savings card, FamilyWize works to make prescription medications more affordable for all families, so that no one ever has to make the hard choice between the meds they need, and other basics like food or rent. In 2016 United Way of Clatsop County helped 606 people save $92,141!!


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are made up of community and business leaders from our county. Each member serves a 2-year term, and are instrumental in fundraising and local activities, designed to support the agencies we serve.

Here is the current list of board members.


charlene_larsen2Charlene Larsen – President
Business: Retired




dick_easton1 Dick Easton – Past President
Business: Retired




christine_lolich1Christine Lolich – Secretary and Interim Treasurer
Business: Health Care Consultant





scott_docherty1Scott Docherty – Director
Business: Owner, Redhare




robert_gross1Robert Gross – Director
Business – Chief, Seaside Police Department




Justin Grafton – Director
Business: Photographer/Videographer




dan_travers1 Captain Daniel Travers – Director
Business: U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Commander





Zach Gantenbein – Director
Business: Regional President, US Bank




mary_ritter1Mary Ritter – Director
Business: Retired




esther_moberg1Esther Moberg – Director
Business: Library Director, Seaside Public Library




jim_zile1Jim Zile – Director
Business: Georgia Pacific




trece_gurrard1Trece Gurrard – Director
Business: Vice President, Columbia Memorial Hospital




nick_benas1Nick Benas – Director
Business: Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare




donna_larson1Donna Larson – Director
Business: Vice President, Clatsop Community College





Doug Harrod – Brochure Committee Chairperson
Jennifer Holen – Special Events Chairperson
Cindy Johnson – At Large
Jim Osborn – Signs / Banners Committee Chairperson
Christine Riehl – Past President

Meet Our New Leaders!

Meet Our New Leaders!

The United Way of Clatsop County welcomes a new Executive Director, Stacey Brown and a newly elected board president, Charlene Larsen!


Former-President Darlene Felkins and Executive Director Stacey Brown

… And Saying “So Long”

After many years of devoted service to our organization, our Executive Director, Darlene Felkins has retired. Executive Assistant, Deanna Heacock has also left us. We thank both of them for their tireless work for our community over the years, and wish them the best in the next chapters of their lives.

We held a retirement get-together for Darlene on May 28, 2014 at 5:30pm at the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria. This was a also a great opportunity to say “farewell” to our outgoing President, Dick Easton.


Darlene Felkins, Dick Easton, and Deanna Heacock

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