Georgia Pacific Wauna Mill 2012 Campainer’s Tour of UWCC Agencies


Georgia Pacific Wauna Mill 2012 Campainer’s at CCA Regional Food Warehouse’s Garden

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$300,000 is the Goal set by United Way of Clatsop County’s board of directors for the 2012-2013 Annual Campaign. The campaign begins on September 20, 2012 with a Kick Off at the Clatsop Community Action’s Regional Warehouse.

However, one of the largest In-house campaigns has already been launched, Georgia Pacific’s Wauna Mill has began their campaign.  They held their Kick Off on September 14th at the United Steel Workers #1097 Union Hall.  They provided training for 30 to 40 volunteers.  They will run the United Way Campaign in the mill for three counties; Clatsop, Columbia and Cowlitz/Wahkiacum, where the majority of their employees reside.

In addition to launching the campaign Mill Manager Steve Francoeur and Union President Bill Kerr presented a Corporate/Foundation check for $31,500 to United Way of Clatsop County Executive Director Darlene Felkins.

Following this they continued with their training and heard from Ann Lederer of Clatsop Casa and Karen Gill of Boy Scouts of America, Fort Clatsop District. Georgia Pacific’s Wauna Mill Campaigners along with Campaign Chairperson, Charlene Larsen and Executive Director Darlene Felkins traveled to visit and hear from the rest of Clatsop County United Way Agencies by bus on Friday September 14th. Jim Zile UWCC board member and In-house campaign chairperson for the Georgia Mill organized this bus trip.

This bus tour was funded by the Mill Management.  This tour gives campaigners the opportunity to become familiar with the agencies that receive funding from United Way. Every second year the campaigners tour Clatsop County.  Alternate years they visit Cowlitz/Wahkiacum and Columbia County agencies.  The campaigners hold meetings and fundraisers during UW’s campaign period starting September 20th, 2012 in Clatsop County this year.

Our 1st stop at Hope House offered presentations by Mel Langston and Liz Covey about Hope House and The Lighthouse for Kids.  Campaigners toured the house and the staff members present fielded questions.  “Can anyone receive counseling at Hope House?” asked Patty Calvert? Yes was the answer! They have helped clients with very little money and also bill health insurance if you have it available. Hope House has helped children from age 3 to a senior in her 80’s. 

Our 2nd stop brought us to Lives In Transition (LIT) at Clatsop Community College with speaker Margaret Frimoth, Program Director and also a volunteer at The Healing Circle.  Three students shared their success stories and how LIT helped pay for their books, gave them a place of community on the campus and how LIT staff walked them through the unknown world of college. VOCA Camp for child survivors of sexual abuse is preparing for this year’s camping season.

Our 3rd stop brought us to Southern Clatsop County at Seaside’s Restoration House for lunch and presentations by Camp Kiwanilong: Debbie Vail, Lunch Buddies: Karna Cupples and Restoration House: Mark Terranova.

Lunch was paid for by a donation from Georgia Pacific’s Wauna Mill.  The residents of Restoration House prepared the lunch and two residents shared how they were homeless and lost and the Restoration House took them in and gave them shelter, food and hope. One new resident is attending the college and getting straight A’s. He also gave thanks to the LIT program, which he received initial help and guidance.  Lunch Buddies shared how the community often thinks their backpacks are from the fire department as Karna Cupples works there and the fire department helps distribute them.  The Lunch Buddy program does more than just backpacks, it also provides mentors for at risk students.  The mentors regularly have lunch at school and provide an additional adult support (Buddies) for the children.

Our 4th stop returned us to Warrenton to visit the CCA Regional Food Warehouse for a facility tour and presentations by Marlin Martin and CCA George Sabol.  

The campaigners were impressed with the ability to process hundreds of pounds of fish and wild game by three paid staff members and volunteers. In back of the warehouse an impressive garden is supplying a large amount of vegetables for over 30 agencies the CCA Regional Food Warehouse supplies.  George Sabol gave an overview of additional services provided by CCA to help overcome poverty. One is the operation of the Hilltop low income housing, which includes two transitional units that help people who would otherwise be homeless.  There was a brief presentation about American Red Cross current activities targeting Tsunami type disaster preparedness on the Coast.

Our 5th and final stop: Women’s Resource Center with a tour of their thrift shop Deja Vu. WRC Director Pat Burness gave a presentation explaining Hutchens House & Bambrick House mission and purpose.  Pat then showed the group the new sexual abuse office that is more like a cozy apartment with interior decorated like a home and a full kitchen being built at this time for clients to use and have a safe place to visit.   A grant was written for the operation of this new sexual assault center after the space was donated by the WRC’s landlord Brian Fogerty and Paul Caruana.

The tired but better informed group of campaigners, who had learned about all twelve UWCC Partner Agencies, boarded the bus and headed back to the Union Hall.  A long day 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with a lot to assimilate and learn so they can share information with their fellow workers and help make their United Way Campaigns successful.
PHOTOGRAPHS by Ad Diva Services/ Owner Joyce Rangila 
Check presented to UW Director Darlene Felkins , Mill Manager Steve Francoeur and Union President Bill Kerr.
For more information or to run a campaign in your business please contact:  Darlene Felkins @  503.325.1961 or 503.861.1246 or