Partner Agencies

ARMORY LOGOAstoria Armory Community and Events Center: 503-791-6064
Astoria Armory Restoration provides sport and recreation activities year-round that provide significant alternatives to unhealthy behavior and improves the quality of life in our community.


Boy Scouts of America, Fort Clatsop District: 503-325-2990
The Boy Scouts of America is a family based organization that helps develop citizenship, character and physical fitness in the youth of Clatsop County.  Serves boys ages 6-20 and girls 14-20 through adult mentoring programs.

al_ck1Camp Kiwanilong: 503-861-2933
Camp Kiwanilong is an environmentally unique, rustic camp that specializes in serving area youth with a six-week summer program.  Other groups utilizing the facilities include school groups, youth and community organizations and families.

al_casa1Clatsop CASA Program: 503-338-6063
Court Appointed Special Advocate Program provides advocates for abused and neglected children in juvenile court and child welfare system.  Our goal is to achieve a safe permanent home for each child we serve.

al_cca1Clatsop Community Action: 503-325-1400 
We are a non-profit agency, which helps mobilize resources to end poverty.  Our mission is to help people meet housing, food, and other basic living needs.  We operate the CCA Regional Food Bank and Hilltop low income Apartments.

al_house1Hope House, A division of Lutheran Community Services NW: 503-325-6754
Hope House serves children and adults who are struggling with life’s challenges, focusing on recovery from grief and trauma through groups, and individual and family counseling.

al_ccc1Lives in Transition: 503-338-2377 
A Clatsop Community College program designed to assist displaced homemakers, single parents and dislocated workers achieve economic self-sufficiency.  The information provided empowers individuals to set and maintain goals for success. 

The Healing Circle (VOCA) Victory over child abuse: 503-325-2761
Our purpose is to create safe specialized, annual camp programs for child survivors of sexual abuse.  Adult volunteers provide children healing time during camp, and monthly children’s programs.

al_lighthouse1The Lighthouse for Kids: 503-325-4977
We are a medically based, organization that provides skilled and comprehensive medical assessments for children involved in allegations of child abuse or neglect while trying to reduce the trauma to the child.

al_harbor1The Harbor: 503-325-5735 
The Harbor’s mission is to provide advocacy, prevention and support while promoting self-determination and hope for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.  The Harbor provides its services completely free and confidentially and has been engaged in this important work for 40 years.  What began in 1976 as a group of women and phone line has evolved into a thriving non-profit at the forefront of providing culturally  responsive services.   We provide services to residents of Clatsop County, and surrounding areas,  over the age of 15, and provide referral to those under 15.  Roughly 5% of Clatsop County residents utilize our services each year.

Helping HandsHelping Hands: 503-470-0325. 
The Mission of Helping Hands is to provide a helping hand to a sustainable life through Resources, Recovery, and Reentry.  In-house Case Managers & Crisis Managers work one-on-one with Reentry Program participants to focus on building the necessary knowledge & skills to independently maintain housing long-term. We do not duplicate services; instead, we foster connections between participants and our community partners whose programs also serve the homeless and low-income.

Helping HandsColumbia Senior Diners: 503-325-3231
The aging demographics of Clatsop County creates challenges that Columbia Senior Diners addresses by supporting seniors to live healthy, independent and socially richer relationships and lives. Seniors who cannot occasionally or permanently join others in the dining area can have meals delivered to their homes upon request.  Every possible accommodation is made to individual tastes and food restrictions. For people who may be isolated at home, a driver from Columbia Senior Diners checks in once a day for a brief but vital connection.

SMART Reading: 971-634-1614
At SMART Reading, we hold to one simple truth: Reading matters. It’s an early gateway skill that paves the pathway for future success. Without it, kids are simply less likely to graduate high school, find employment, or successfully avoid other hardships like poverty, homelessness, hunger, and injustice.  Since 1992, SMART has been pairing caring adult volunteers with children to provide reading support and books to keep. SMART volunteers read one-on-one with students weekly during the school year, modeling a love of reading and building children’s reading skills and self-confidence in a positive, child-guided environment.

Libraries ROCC:
Libraries Reading Outreach in Clatsop County is a library services outreach program that partners between the communities, three public libraries, corporate sponsors, and five school districts. Together, through collaboration and community support, we are bridging the gaps between funded and unfunded youth services in rural areas. Our goals are to place a library card in the hands of every child who wants one, to provide courier services between the schools and libraries for library materials, and  to support the annual countywide summer reading program.